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The Resistance Quilt Project is an interactive community art project, based in Graz, Austria, that explores the question: what can we do, in our own lives and communities, to end femicide/ feminicide? The project will take place throughout 2024 in the form of interactive exhibitions, workshops, events and the local monthly femicide demonstrations, before culminating in a final exhibition at Forum Stadtpark at the end of the year. You can book a Resistance Quilt workshop at your organisation or event by emailing resistancequiltproject@gmail.com.

The physical outcome of the project will be a large-scale public quilt, constructed from the bed-sheet banners made to mark each femicide in Austria for the monthly demonstrations. The quilt will grow over the course of the year because, devastatingly, if this year follows the pattern of previous years, there will be approximately 2 femicides in Austria every month, besides several unsuccessful attempts. Each of the bed-sheet femicide banners will be developed into a quilt piece by incorporating your ideas for what must change to stop these murders. Femicide is not inevitable, femicide is the result of patriarchal systems and social norms, which we, collectively, have the power to change. 

The sonic outcome of the project will be a ‘sonic-quilt’ or soundscape made up of field recordings from the demonstrations, including chants and speeches, as well as interviews and discussions that take place in the interactive exhibitions. The sonic quilt will be exhibited alongside the physical quilt as they both develop throughout the year. 

Whilst the project focuses on local femicides, it is situated within a huge global movement fighting back against femicide and the systems that cause it. Collaborations with people connected to liberation movements outside of Austria are especially welcome. 

The project aims to combine the wisdom and energy of this global movement, with research on the causes of femicide and the valuable knowledge that each of us holds about our own lives and communities. Collaboration and community are at the heart of this project. We will stitch together our different experiences and ideas to expose and challenge patterns of violence. The Resistance Quilt will be what we make it, together! The only thing that you need to take part in this project is the belief that femicide must end. Come along to an event/ exhibition/ demonstration on the calendar and join us.